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Please note that there are charges for the extraction of data.

Use this form for assisted information requests and enquiries, or for repeat requests where the station details are already known.

Use our Weather Station Directory to streamline requests for weather station data.

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For data requests, please include details of the following requirements:

  • The weather station name and number, (see: Weather Station Lists.) Otherwise, the area or location of interest.
  • The type of data, (eg. rainfall, temperature, wind, etc.)
  • Time period, (e.g. July 2008 - July 2010.)
  • The frequency of the data (e.g. monthly, daily, hourly, 1 minute.)
  • Proposed use of data: research, commercial, insurance, legal, education, media, personal or other. Please choose one from the list and provide any further information on your use of the data. Your proposed use will help us determine the most appropriate licencing terms.

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