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The Bureau of Meteorology is committed to supporting education and research through the provision of data and information. A wide range of information is available on our website, other data may be available upon request (charges may apply).

The Bureau also participates in the CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools program.

Weather planning

The Bureau of Meteorology produces a range of different forecasts and outlooks.

"Forecasts" are generally available up to 7 days ahead with more detail available on the shorter forecast periods. Climate Outlooks give the likelihood of a shift in our weather patterns away from normal for periods from weeks through seasons ahead. Climatologies can be used to get an idea of "normal" conditions for a particular time of year if it is too far out for outlooks/forecasts.

Range of information by timespan

Information about forecasts, interpretation of forecasts, radar and satellites
Within 24 hours
Less than 7 days ahead
Between 1 week and 3 months ahead
More than 3 months ahead

Historical climate statistics can be used to help plan for events in the future. Beyond the range of a climate outlook, climatologies can give us an idea of what the conditions are normally like at a particular time of year.

Past weather, measuring instruments, data and statistics

The Bureau holds a vast archive of weather observations, analyses and statistics. Data that are not yet online are usually available by request, for a cost recovery fee.

How to obtain data from the Bureau of Meteorology

Hazards and comfort

The Bureau provides a range of services in support of its role as the major provider of severe weather and disaster mitigation services to Australian emergency management authorities.

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