Storm Confirmation and Legal Services

The legal and insurance sectors frequently require information on historical weather events, such as confirming the occurrence of thunderstorms, weather observations or historical forecasts and warnings.

Storm confirmations

Use the Storm Confirmation tool to get immediate reports confirming the presence of thunderstorms or strong winds. These free reports are based on observations received by the Bureau within a 50 km radius of the selected location. This tool can only confirm that thunderstorms and/or strong winds were observed and reported to the Bureau of Meteorology and is not able to prove their absence.

A Registered User service is available for more detailed storm confirmations, which allows access to larger date ranges and bulk data outputs. For more information about this service, including charges and output samples, please send a request.

Hail assessments

The storm confirmation tool does not currently provide information about the occurrence of hail. However, a Hail Assessment Service is offered in areas with sufficient radar coverage and investigates the Bureau's data for the possibility of hail. The charge for this service is based on one day of assessment at one location, with extra days or locations incurring additional costs. Please send us a request if you require information about hail. Note that the assessment may return inconclusive results.

Alternatively, we can supply Bureau data (primarily radar and ground based observations) for you to undertake your own assessment. Check if radar is available for your area: radar area coverage map

Some information on reported significant or damaging hail may be found in the weather and climate reports listed below.

Severe storms archive

The Bureau of Meteorology maintains a Severe Storms Archive. This is a database of all recorded local storm events which are associated with severe phenomena. Severe phenomena include severe wind gusts (>90 km/h), damaging hail (> 2 cm), tornadoes, heavy rainfall conducive to flash flooding, and lightning resulting in serious injury or death. Severe storms make up only a very small proportion of all storm events. Please note that many storms are not recorded, and that this database is not updated in real-time.

Weather and climate reports

The Bureau produces a number of different climate and weather reports which contain information on some Severe Weather events: