Maps and gridded spatial data

The Bureau uses the data and information it collects to produce a range of spatial data and map products. These datasets can be used in various spatial analysis and visualisation tools such as geographic information systems (GIS).

Gridded data

Spatial climate datasets are available as two dimensional gridded datasets and many can be downloaded for free in ARC ASCII format. These datasets can be ported into a GIS or similar spatial data visualisation tool, and can be used to investigate the data or generate individual maps. They are not suitable for use in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs. Charges apply to generate these data in other formats such as shapefiles or other raster formats.

Browse online maps and download gridded spatial data

Free download of individual grids is available from many of the map pages linked below. All gridded data are provided with relevant metadata to assist in understanding the analysis techniques, spatial extents and data limitations.

Please read the metadata to determine the fitness of the data for your purpose.

Data types

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Sunshine, radiation and cloud
Cyclones and Thunderstorms
Climate classifications
Atmospheric circulation

Request bulk gridded data

We can provide you with a range of gridded datasets (grids) for Australia. These include:

Prices for data


Gridded data is available at a cost recovery charge by submitting a data request.