We need to investigate your request and provide you with a quote.

Example 1

I am interested in acquiring the following dataset:

  1. Data type: daily gridded data of rainfall (mm) and max. temperature;
  2. Period: 1990 - 2008;
  3. Area: 133.55°, -27,70°, 137.85°, -24.30°
  4. Output format: Arc ASCII format;
  5. Resolution: I would like to know the cost for 5 km.

Example 2

I am gathering statistical wind speed data for analysis. I require all available wind data taken from any station that is within a 100 km radius of Greater Melbourne.
I need to create relative frequency histograms for each of these stations at each and all available measuring frequencies. I require all this data for each respective weather station's operational period.

Example 3

Please may I request an order for all 1 minute and half hour data from all Bureau AWS sites from 9 July 2009 (inclusive) to most recent.

Example client requests (printable)