Site requirements for solar observations

The WMO maintains a guide to Siting and exposure of meteorological instruments to promote world-wide standardization of observations. The guide may be adapted for local requirements; the current Australian Bureau of Meteorology document is known as "Observation Specification No 2013, Guidelines for the Siting and Exposure of Meteorological Instruments and Observing Facilities."

Basic considerations for selection of an observing site include the following criteria:

Some localities, for which observations are essential, may not have potential sites that fully conform to the siting and exposure guidelines for a variety of reasons. Under these circumstances it will be necessary to balance scientific acceptability against practical and financial considerations.

In addition to the above guidelines, specific requirements for a Bureau solar monitoring site include the following:

Cartesian skyline diagram
Figure Skyline-cartesian. Cartesian skyline diagram for the Alice Springs Airport site (015590). Obstructions at this site are the anemometer tower at about 190 °, and a radome (housing the radar) at the station office due north of the equipment.
Polar skyline diagram
Figure Skyline-polar. Polar skyline diagram for the Alice Springs Airport site. The diagram includes information about the sun-path during the year.