Subscriptions and customised services

We can provide regular scheduled delivery of much of our historical weather and climate data through subscription services. We are also able to provide specialised services and analyses for a range of purposes including decision-making, risk assessment and engineering design.

Subscriptions for routine delivery of historical data

Our services provide scheduled delivery of historical data; for example, annual delivery of weather observations during the past year for a set of stations. (For real-time data feeds please contact Registered User Services.)

Subscriptions typically operate for a 12-month financial year (from July to June). Please send a request outlining your requirements and your details. Our staff will contact you to discuss suitable data options and provide a quote for your subscription service.

Standard charges for subscriptions are listed in the charges page.

Spatial data subscription service

We offer a subscription service for scheduled delivery of gridded datasets. Standard charges for subscriptions are listed on our charges page. Please contact us for samples and further information.

Seasonal Climate Outlook subscription

Seasonal Climate Outlooks (SCO) are issued monthly, and provide information on the likelihood of above/below median rainfall and temperature conditions over the following one, two and three month periods. Datasets of the likelihood of rainfall exceeding particular totals and the chance of at least are also provided. Datasets are provided in ASCII and NetCDF gridded data format, as well as in .png format. Delivery is scheduled for end of each month, after outlooks are released. View the current Seasonal Climate Outlook.

Daily/monthly observational gridded data subscription

This subscription includes daily and/or monthly rainfall, maximum and minimum temperature, vapour pressure (at 9am and 3pm), and solar exposure. Datasets can be delivered daily or monthly, and are in NetCDF data format. Individual grids can be downloaded free of charge (ASCII gridded data format).

Read more about the datasets, including detailed information about how they are prepared.

The system used to produce these observational gridded datasets was developed under the Australian Water Availability Project. This project was part supported by the National Heritage Trust with partners in the Bureau of Rural Sciences and CSIRO.

Customised services

Custom services encompass a broad range of potential applications. Examples of previous custom services include the following:

  • Detailed analysis of specific historical weather events;
  • Combining various datasets to produce tailored climatologies for investment and maintenance planning; and
  • Specialised analyses suitable for assessment of risk of damage to infrastructure or disruption of operations due to adverse weather conditions.

Specialised services and analyses are produced using rigorous scientific and statistical techniques. The analyses are often used for engineering and industry, but they can be used for any activity that is affected by weather conditions, such as agriculture or sporting events.

Send a request for further information or discuss your requirements and obtain a quote. Please be as specific as possible in describing your request.