Historical weather observations and statistics

The Bureau holds a vast archive of weather observations, analyses and statistics. We are committed to providing as much free data online as possible and are continually expanding the online data services. Data that are not yet online are usually available by request, for a cost recovery fee.

Free data online

Historical daily and monthly rainfall, maximum temperature, minimum temperature and solar exposure data, and also climate statistics are available for free online.

Climate Data Online Use Climate Data Online to access the station data.

Climate Data Online graphs and tables
Daily weather observations
for the past 14 months can also be accessed from region lists.

Data requests

Please note that there are charges for the extraction of data.

Self-service using the Weather Station Directory

The Weather Station Directory helps you to determine what historical weather observations are available for your area of interest. It will direct you to data if freely available online. Otherwise it will identify the station details for you to request the data.

Requests using the Weather Station Directory incur the lowest charge (Category 1).
Additional charges apply if we have to identify the station details for you (Category 2).

Assisted data requests and enquiries

If you require assistance with your enquiry fill out the request form. Assisted requests can also include data analysis (Category 3).

Repeat clients

Customers who already know the relevant weather station details may continue to send requests using the request form.

Weather Station Directory

Available data types

Prices for data


Format of station data

Data come in zipped comma delimited text files

Data format details