Water and environmental data

The Bureau has responsibility for compiling and disseminating comprehensive water information across Australia, delivering a range of water information projects, standards and systems. The Bureau is also helping improve the quality and accessibility of a broad range of other environmental information.

Water information

The water information site includes flood information; forecast streamflow; design rainfalls (IFDs); long term records and trends for streamflow at selected sites; groundwater information; a catalogue of environmental monitoring sites; the National Water Account; water levels and volumes for Australia's major water storages; and water restrictions.

Water Data Online provides free access to nationally consistent current and historical water information that is collected by the Bureau of Meteorology under the Water Regulations (2008). It allows you to view and download standardised data and reports, including streamflow and river height information.

Environmental Information

The Environmental Information Explorer provides access to information about environmental monitoring sites owned and managed by over 90 organisations across Australia. The portal allows you to identify locations with environmental monitoring sites (for example, stream gauges or weather stations), which observations and measurements are taken there, and who owns and operates the site.

For further information and data please visit the Water Information pages.
For flood warning enquiries and data, please select "Flood Warnings and River Height Services" from the feedback form.