Historical forecasts and warnings

The Bureau provides the Australian community with a wide range of forecasts, warnings, and advice to help maintain the safety and prosperity of the nation. Copies of the text forecasts and warnings issued are held within our archives and may be requested.

Archived weather forecasts and warnings

For copies of past forecasts and warnings held within the Bureau archives, please send a request. Charges are based upon the ease of retrieval. Retrieval is a manual process and provision of copies is subject to availability.

If possible, please provide a link to the page for which you need historical information, along with the relevant product ID code, if known. For reference, you can find codes on current warnings, via the Warnings Services information pages and by selecting your state forecasts from the Bureau homepage.

Alternatively, your local library may hold copies of forecasts or warnings presented in media at the time.

Real-time forecast and warning data feeds

The Bureau operates freely available real-time data feeds of weather forecast and warning products, generally via FTP. For details please see Weather Data Services.

RSS feeds are also available for a number of weather and climate products.

Climate Outlooks

The Bureau produces climate outlooks for rainfall and temperature conditions for the next three months. Current and archived outlooks, as well as information on streamflow forecasts and the current state of the climate, are available from seasonal outlooks.