Thunderstorm and Strong Wind Confirmation Reports - Western Australia

The pages linked from the following table indicate where storms and strong winds (for completed months) have been verified for the various areas listed. For areas and dates not covered in the table, please refer to the contacts above. Descriptions of the terms used in these tables can be found on the overview page.

Note: You may need to refresh each time you visit a report to get the latest.

For information on locations and time periods not covered in these reports please contact us providing the postcode and the name of the closest major town to your location of interest. Please note that there will be a charge for this service. Until further advised, subscribers can avoid these additional charges by quoting their allocated Registered User name when requesting individual reports for areas beyond the coverage of this service.

Location/Postcode based information

Thunderstorm observations are provided for locations across Western Australia where observations are recorded. The current month's summary is updated daily, where possible.

Only sites that have reported a thunderstorm appear in the summary, however absence from this list is not sufficient to confirm that a thunderstorm did not occur in the area on a particular day.

Postcodes (in grey) have been added to help users find the area relevant to their claim. For WA, the postcode list displays those postcodes that have a majority of their area within 50km of the listed location.

Please note that data for PERTH METRO appears at the top of the first page. If there have not been any thunderstorms in Perth Metro in the month then this will NOT appear.

District based information

Completed months have a daily district summary included in the report. This is attached shortly after the start of a new month. A map of forecast district boundaries is available at The district summary can give a useful spatial representation of thunderstorm activity and also provides information about other phenomena such as strong winds, dust storms, frost and fog.

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Page updated: 16 July 2013