Climate summaries survey

About the survey

The Bureau of Meteorology is currently reviewing its climate summaries.

Our aim is to make the summaries useful and relevant and we are seeking your perspective on what aspects of these climate summaries are of greatest value to you.

By completing the following survey, you will assist us to improve the quality of the climate summaries and ensure that we deliver the best possible product to meet your needs.

Which of the following best describes why you are accessing the Bureau's climate summaries?

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We prepare climate summaries for each state and major for each month season and year.
Which of the climate summaries are you most interested in?

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How often do you access the climate summaries?

Please rate the usefulness of the climate summary components

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What if any other information would be useful, if available?

What do you use the climate summaries for?

When do you access the climate summaries?

First day of the next climate summary period After the first week of the next climate summary period

How often do you contact the Bureau for an official media quote?

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Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey.