Climate & Ocean
Monitoring & Prediction

The major objective of the Climate and Ocean Monitoring and Prediction (COMP) project is the continued development of seasonal prediction capacity in Pacific Island National Meteorological Services (NMS). This includes the development of new ocean climate products and services. It's hoped that as the capacity to predict seasonal climate increases in Pacific countries, so too will the ability to implement strategies dealing with the management of climate variability and climate change. Pacific Islands' existing climate knowledge and capacities to deliver climate and ocean services are the foundations upon which we build; this is key to achieving the project objective.

These foundations were, in turn, established by the Pacific Islands Climate Prediction Project (PI-CPP).

Project Background

Online Climate Outlook Forum

The Online Climate Outlook Forum (OCOF), also known as the Pacific Islands online Climate Outlook Forum (PICOF), is a monthly discussion among the Met Services and the Bureau of Meteorology. It provides an opportunity for the Pacific Islands to give feedback, share any relevant experiences they have had with their clients, and to ask any questions regarding SCOPIC and the Climate Adaptation Projects.


The Climate Application Projects have been developed through a comprehensive review and evaluation of the Pacific Island Climate Prediction Project's (PI-CPP) Pilot Projects. There are four categories of Climate Application Projects: water management, agriculture, renewable energy and health. These projects have the potential to directly and powerfully impact affected communities. They are therefore likely to be highly valued and have strong stakeholder uptake.

Ocean Portal

We'll make ocean climate data more accessible by developing a single web portal which synthesises all the relevant information into one user-friendly access point. The focus of this portal will be to provide regional to country level information demonstrating how climate variability is occurring across the region.

Portal Application


SCOPIC is a desktop computer program which provides an easy-to-use graphical interface to a statistical forecasting scheme similar to that used by the Bureau. SCOPIC is linked to real-time feeds providing current data for the generation of seasonal climate outlooks. SCOPIC can compute forecast verification scores, generate reports, and provide visualisations of inputs and outputs. It is a key element of the software infrastructure now employed by National Meteorological Services in Pacific Island Countries.