Climate Application Projects

The Climate Application Projects have been developed through a comprehensive review and evaluation of the Pacific Island Climate Prediction Project's (PI-CPP) Pilot Projects. The original projects were integral to the capacity building outcomes and achievements of PI-CPP.

Water: Due to the vital importance of clean water to health and well-being, as well as the challenges presented by its relative scarcity in many PICs, water management projects have the potential to make an enormous difference to their livelihoods.

Agriculture: Many PICs are highly dependent on agriculture for exports and to support subsistence farming communities. Any improvement to the efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural techniques is likely to lead to higher economic growth, and an improved quality of life for subsistence farmers.

Renewable Energy: Due to sustained population growth and the rising costs of diesel imports, energy security is fast becoming one of the most important considerations for island countries. PICs not only experience a rising cost of living, but their quality of life is also significantly affected.

Health: Healthcare projects have the potential to form the centrepiece of the COSPPac Climate Application Projects as these projects can have direct, powerful impacts on affected communities. Therefore, they're likely to be highly valued and have strong stakeholder uptake.

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