Online Climate Outlook Forum

The Online Climate Outlook Forum (OCOF), also known as the Pacific Islands online Climate Outlook Forum (PICOF) by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), began during the second phase of the Pacific Islands Climate Prediction Project and is listed under WMO's Regional Climate Outlook Products. The participants include ten Pacific Island Countries and staff from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. The primary rationale for the OCOF is to continue training the NMS in the production of seasonal climate outlooks using SCOPIC. The forum covers the current ENSO status and forecasts, the Islands' most recent one and three month rainfall observations, and their latest seasonal climate outlooks. In addition, POAMA outlooks are compared with the statistical outlooks. The OCOF also provides an opportunity for general feedback, sharing and questions, particularly in regard to experiences with clients, SCOPIC and the Climate Adaptation Projects.

Screen image of SCOPIC outlook map SCOPIC outlook map legend

Seasonal Climate Outlook - Spatial Summary for the period to