Mining Forecast Services

Mining operations can be significantly affected by the weather, with impacts such as blowing dust, blast noise impact and transport delays due to flooding.

The Bureau's CWS has extensive experience in forecasting for operation at mine sites throughout Australia. The CWS delivers timely weather information such as:

  • Site specific forecast in tabular and graphical format on dust and noise impacts.
  • Temperature inversion forecasting to assist in blast timing and refinery operation.
  • Seven day forecasts of daily rainfall to transport planning and site operations.

Tailored Tropical Cyclone Forecast Service

The Bureau is a world leader in understanding tropical cyclone behaviour and the CWS provides access to that expertise. Related products include:

  • Daily tropical cyclone advisories outline the "potential" for cyclone development.
  • Detailed site specific warnings are issued every three to six hours during events.
  • Detailed briefing by our experts.
  • Dedicated web site for clients including a variety of additional weather information, plus interim warning updates and high resolution satellite images.

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