Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Maps: GIS Compatible Format

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Track Map


The Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Map is a graphical product that provides a track of the cyclone showing recent movement, and forecast movement (with uncertainty indicated) 48 hours hence. It also shows the current extent of damaging winds and a graphical representation of the areas affected by current cyclone watch and cyclone warning.

These maps are now available in GIS format. They are available in the following formats:

Shape files and GML format files: Together on the Bureau's free anonymous ftp site. The GML/Shape File products are available for each active system. The product ID numbers are (for affected areas):

IDW60266 IDD65401 IDQ65248
IDW60267 IDD65402 IDQ65249
IDW60268 IDQ65251 * IDQ65250
IDD65408 * IDW60283 * IDD65409 *
  • AND IDQ65252 * issued for NSW
  • * means issued by an adjacent Region

As a Web Map Service (WMS) and Web Feature Service (WFS): Through a Registered User website, charged on a cost-recovery basis. More details are available from email: , or fax:1800 630 101

Separate specific GIS products are available to official Emergency Service organisations through a dedicated Registered User website.

When are the Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Maps GIS products issued?

These GIS products will be updated every time any one of the Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Maps are updated.

How often is a Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Map issued?

The forecast map is issued at a similar frequency to the cyclone advice, although they may not be issued with all advices if warnings are being issued hourly.

What Information is included in the Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Map?

Each Tropical Cyclone Threat Map will contain the following information from all active systems:

  • The recent track of the cyclones and forecast track up to 48 hours hence.
  • The latest positions with a graphical representation of the current and forecast extent of gale-force (62 km/h), storm-force (89 km/h) and hurricane-force (117 km/hr) winds.
  • The grey zones of uncertainty depicting the likely range of movement of the cyclone.
  • Graphical representation of all Warning and Watch zones
  • The intensity category of the cyclones (1 - weak to 5 - strong)

Who is the target audience of Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Map?

All land based communities in the threat zones.
Note that separate marine warnings will be issued, and all mariners should refer to these warnings for relevant information. This is particularly important off the East coast, where the area affected by 33 - 41 knot winds is not displayed on the threat map.

Where are Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Maps issued?

Tropical Cyclone Forecast Track Maps are issued by Regional Offices of the Bureau of Meteorology in Brisbane, Darwin or Perth, depending on the location of the cyclone. The GIS product is automatically updated by the Bureau's central computing facility

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