Tropical Cyclone Barry
4 - 7 Jan 1996

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Track map for this tropical cyclone
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Area affected Gulf of Carpentaria, Southern Cape York Peninsula
Central pressure Lowest estimated 950 hPa on 5th.
Winds Strongest gusts estimated 220 km/h on 5th.
Rainfall Moderate to heavy rainfalls recorded in the SE Gulf. Several recordings of over 100mm in 24 hours, with 163mm at Kowanyama being the highest. Vanrook station recorded a 96hr total of 356mm. Flood rains through inland Queensland.
Seas & storm surge Very High to Phenomenal seas. A storm surge of at least 4m.
Damage Barry crossed an uninhabited section of coast. Damage was confined to mainly trees being uprooted and broken off above ground level.


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