Tropical Cyclone Fiona
17 - 28 Feb 1971

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Track map for this tropical cyclone
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Area affected Gulf of Carpentaria, north-central Queensland to near New Caledonia.
Central pressure Lowest estimated pressure was 960 hPa at landfall on western Cape York on 19th.
Winds Wind gusts were estimated by observers in the Nassau River (Qld) area at between 210 km/h and 225 km/h.
Rainfall Heaviest rainfalls were recorded in Queensland. 149mm Aurikun 24hours to the 19th. 147mm at VanRook Station over 48 hours.
Seas & storm surge Few ships were near the centre in the Gulf but one ship 280km to the south-southwest reported a 6m swell on the 19th. Surge heights up to 4.6m were reported in the south-eastern Gulf.
Damage Wind damage in the Nassau River area was severe, but its effects were limited by the sparse population.


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