Tropical Cyclone Flora
1 - 5 Dec 1964

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Track map for this tropical cyclone
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Area affected Top End, Gulf of Carpentaria, SW Cape York Peninsula.
Central pressure Lowest estimated 965 on 5th.
Winds No gales in the NT. Strongest sustained winds 75kts (130km/h) on Cape York at Van Rook Station on the 6th. Mornington Island recorded 30kt (75km/h) winds with gusts to 55kts (110km/h) on the 5th. Hurricane force 75/80kts (140/150km/h) winds at Inkerman Station
Rainfall Maningrida recorded a 48hour total of 400mm to the 3rd of December. Adelaide River 202mm in 48hours to the 4th of December. Mornington Island 287mm in 48 hours to the 5th of december. The Qld east coast around Ingham recorded 48 hour totals over 500mm.
Seas & storm surge Storm surge reported from Inkerman Station, no height estimate. Burketown also reported increased tide levels.
Damage extensive flooding in Arnhemland and Gulf country. A bridge moved 1km upstream at Inkerman Station by storm surge. Structural damage and extensive tree damage up to 120km inland on Cape York.


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