Tropical Cyclone Kathy
18 - 23 Mar 1984

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Track map for this tropical cyclone
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Area affected Coral Sea, Cape York Peninsula, Gulf of Carpentaria, Sir Edward Pellew Islands, Borroloola district.
Central pressure Lowest estimated 920 hPa. Lowest observed pressures 940hPaat Centre Is. and 938 hPa by a nearby ship (both recordings taken in the eye).
Winds Centre Is. recorded maximum mean winds of 185 km/h with gusts to 232 km/h before the mast blew down. Maximum estimated mean winds 205 km.h.
Rainfall Only moderate falls occurred in the landfall area (generally 50-100mm), but the remnants of Kathy triggered off heavy thunderstorms northeast of Tennant Creek, and 325mm fell at Rockhampton downs during the night of 24th.
Seas & storm surge Phenomenal seas near centre on 22nd and 23rd. Pronounced surge in Pellew Is. and on mainland coast. Peak surge on Vanderlin Is. 4.2m. Large numbers of turtles and dugongs swept onto the mainland by the surge - up to 8km inland.
Damage Pellew Is. group devestated. One prawn trawler sunk and three others run aground. One crewmember drowned. Losses incurred by the company approximately $5m. Moderate to severe damage in Borroloola township. Tree damage extended over an area of 1.3m hectares.


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