Tropical Cyclone Olivia
2 - 11 April 1996

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Track map for this tropical cyclone
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Area affected Timor Sea, Indian Ocean
Central pressure Lowest estimated in NT waters 990 hPa, lowest reported 927 hPa at Varanus Is WA.
Winds Highest gust reported in NT 120 km/h from Oil Rig in Timor Sea. Highest recorded gust 267 km/h at Varanus Is. WA. (New Australian record).
Rainfall Light falls in NT. Heavy falls in WA.
Seas & storm surge Nil in NT. 2m storm surge recorded at King Bay. 21m waves reported from North Rankin A Gas Platform.
Damage Nil in NT. Widespread severe structural damage in Varanus Is, Mardie, Pannawanica region of landfall.


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