Tropical Cyclone Peter
29 - 31 Dec 1978

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Track map for this tropical cyclone
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Area affected Gulf of Carpentaria, Cape York Peninsula.
Central pressure Lowest estimated 980 hPa on 31st.
Winds Maximum estimated winds 110 km/h on 31st. Maximum reported 74 km/h at Northeast Is. on 30th. Gales extended to 450km in northern quadrants and to 280km in southern quadrants when cyclone was in mid-Gulf.
Rainfall Highest 24hr fall in N.T. was 107mm at Nhulunbuy on 30th. and highest cumulative total 28 - 30th July 140mm at Nhulunbuy.
Seas & storm surge Rough to very rough seas reported within 240km of centre on 30th. No storm surge reported.
Damage One 12m fishing vessel aground on rocks in Gove harbour. Major flooding in north Qld from post-cyclone depression where Mount Bellenden Ker recorded an Australian record 24hr fall of 1140mm on 5th Jan.


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