Tropical Cyclone Ted
16 - 21 Dec 1976

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Track map for this tropical cyclone
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Area affected Gulf of Carpentaria and Queensland Gulf country.
Central pressure Lowest recorded 950 hPa on 19that Burketown.
Winds highest estimated mean winds 140 km/h with gusts to 210 km/h.
Rainfall Highest total 305mm at Augustus Downs for 48hrs 19 - 20th.
Seas & storm surge Moderate to rough seas reported in Gulf.Tides 2m above normal at Karumba. Storm surge extended 20km inland near Burketown.
Damage 95% of buildings damaged on Mornington Is 700 people were made homeless. with similar damage at Burketown. Wind and high tides at Karumba badly damaged wharf and prawn processing installations. An estimated 250,000 head of livestock lost by drowning and low temperatures in Qld.


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