Tropical Cyclone seasonal outlook for The Coral Sea

The Tropical Cyclone season means it's time to 'Get Ready'

The Bureau of Meteorology has released its official tropical cyclone outlook for the Australian Region, with a typical season expected in Queensland.

With cyclones forming in the Coral Sea almost every year, Queenslanders are encouraged to prepare now for the 2013/14 cyclone season. The season officially starts in November but the peak period for the formation of cyclones is from January - March.

An average of four cyclones form in the Coral Sea each season, and Queenslanders can expect at least one of these may cross the coast. It is important to remember that damaging winds, rain and large swell caused by offshore cyclones can still impact the community.

To help the community better prepare for cyclones, the Bureau's Tropical Cyclone track map has been extended from 48 hours to 72 hours, providing an extra day of information.

While summer is a great time in Queensland, a few small steps prior to the cyclone season can make a big difference. Make sure you know the types of weather and flood that may impact your area and where to go for information in the event of an impending cyclone, including the Bureau's website for the latest forecasts and warnings.

Up to date forecasts and information can be found on the Bureau's website at

The Queensland Government's 'Get Ready Queensland' website provides the information you need to prepare for the summer ahead, including the development of emergency plans and kits. For more information visit: