National Plan for Environmental Information initiative

The National Plan for Environmental Information initiative is an Australian Government programme intended to improve the quality and accessibility of environmental information.

It is being jointly implemented by the Bureau of Meteorology and Department of the Environment.

The Bureau’s role and activities

The Bureau's role focuses on operational elements of the initiative and is framed around three areas: coordination, the National Environmental Information Infrastructure, and operational products and services.

Flagship products and activities delivered under the initiative include the Marine Water Quality Dashboard for the Great Barrier Reef; the e-newsletter eXchange; the National Environmental Information Infrastructure Reference Architecture; the Environmental Information Products and Services Directory; and the Australian Government Environmental Information Advisory Group.

A complete list of publications produced under the initiative is provided here.


The initiative was announced in May 2010 by the then Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts as a first step toward a long-term commitment to reform Australia's environmental information base.

From 2010-14, a range of activities and governance arrangements were established using an initial commitment of $18 million.

There is ongoing funding to maintain established products, and progressively expand activities to address Australia’s environmental information needs.