In the first phase of the initiative, from 2010 to 2014, a number of activities are planned.

Coastal information


Commencing in January 2012, the five-year eReefs project will provide vital tools for decision making and communication spanning the entire Great Barrier Reef spectrum - from catchment to ocean - across space and time.

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Biodiversity information

Biodiversity profiling

The biodiversity profiling project explores whether natural history collections can be used to derive metrics of inferred change in biodiversity status across Australia.

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Environmental accounts

Environmental accounts are strongly structured tables that provide organised information for a clearly defined decision-making purpose. Systematic and comparable, they use standard definitions based on accepted measurement and accounting theory.

The Bureau of Meteorology is developing its capability for producing environmental accounts that will be useful to Australians and will help to integrate environmental information into decision-making.

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National Environmental Information Infrastructure

A network will be designed, developed and built to support the discovery, access, and re-use of environmental information.

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