Environmental accounts

What are environmental accounts?

Environmental accounts provide a structured and standardised way to organise environmental information.

From an ecological perspective, environmental accounts can be used to determine changes in the environment, ecosystems and their functioning.

The Environmental accounts landscape (4.3Mb) provides an overview of environmental accounting approaches and examples of their implementation. It is a starting point for understanding environmental accounting and summarises work undertaken in Australia and internationally.

Environmental accounting at the Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau is developing its capability to produce environmental accounts to help integrate environmental information into decision-making. This will include guides, standards, tools and examples to enable the production of credible, legitimate, relevant and enduring environmental accounts.

Read the information sheet (157Kb) to find out more.

Guide to environmental accounting in Australia

The Guide to environmental accounting in Australia (1.6Mb) describes the process powering the Bureau's environmental accounting capability. It contributes to the wider implementation of environmental accounting in Australia. The Guide describes accounts and their purpose, the risks and issues involved, and pathways for implementing them. It shows how to design environmental accounts and outlines considerations for senior managers contemplating an environmental accounts program.

Read the Guide information sheet (169Kb) to find out more.

Environmental account framing workbook

The Environmental account framing workbook (2.5Mb) guides users through the process of framing an environmental account including account scoping and account specification. The methodology considers factors such as the account's purpose, participants, subject and measurements.

Once an account subject is scoped, the information can be used to specify one or more related accounts. A blank environmental account specification document (2.8Mb) is available to record specifications.