Information Infrastructure

The National Environmental Information Infrastructure project will design, develop and build a network to support the discovery, access, and re-use of environmental information.

Its initial focus will be guided by the Australian Government environmental information priorities, as well as key affiliated projects.

The infrastructure will be designed to enable environmental information to be widely provided and shared. It will achieve this by being interoperable while working alongside existing data management systems.

Consultation Draft 

National Environment Information Infrastructure: Reference Architecture

The National Environmental Information Infrastructure (NEII) is an activity under the National Plan for Environmental Information initiative that will improve access and discovery to fundamental environmental data across Australian Government. The NEII proposes a network of standards-based IT components, supported by a network of collaborators working together to improve discovery and access to environmental data. The NEII Reference Architecturehas been developed to provide our stakeholders an early overview of the architectural direction of the NEII.

A consultation draft of the NEII Reference Architecture was released to the Australian Government Environment Information Advisory Group on 11th December 2013. Following this release and commencing January 2014 the Bureau of Meteorology will undertake a two month consultation process around the reference architecture to (a) ensure its quality and robustness, (b) to ensure that architectural principles are well communicated and feasible, and (c) to engage early in the genesis of the NEII to allow partners to align ICT and related capabilities. Consultation will include opportunities to submit feedback and participation in consultation forums.

To register interest in participating in the consultation process or to seek further information please email