Google Earth - ReefTemp Next Generation

ReefTemp Next-Generation in Google Earth™

ReefTemp Next Generation nowcast products can be viewed in Google Earth™ for the Great Barrier Reef and other Australian reef regions.

Available real-time products (updated daily) include:

  • Sea surface temperature (SST)
  • Sea surface temperature anomalies (SSTA)
  • Degree Heating Days (DHD)
  • Mean Positive Summer Anomaly (MPSA)

These forecasts are currently available online so to view you require an internet connection to access the forecast images. Select the latest file or a date in the archive, click 'Launch KMZ' to launch Google Earth and view files. The latest file is a network file so it can downloaded once and will be updated automatically each time you refresh it in Google Earth.

Viewing Instructions:

To view these products, you must first have downloaded and installed Google Earth™ on your computer. Google Earth™ is free and available from Once it is installed and you have launched one of the KMZ files above, proceed as per below.

  • In the 'Places' panel on the left side of the Google Earth window, find the ReefTemp product folder under 'Temporary Places.'
  • To check for latest or updated forecasts, right click on the network link (folder) icon and select Refresh.
  • Click on the box(es) next to the desired subfolder and data layer to display them in the earth viewing window.
  • Details on each product can be found by clicking on the link 'About These Products' below the product folders.
  • If the full Google Earth™ display can not be seen (including logos), please modify your screen resolution (minimum 1280x1024). More information on system requirements available here.

For assistance with Google Earth™, please see support.