Research and collaboration

The Bureau collaborates with other organisations on a number of research studies. These activities provide critical support for the programme's objective to improve Australia’s environmental information knowledge.

Research and collaboration examples include:

Use of carbon cycle modelling for ecosystem accounting

This study between the Bureau and CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research examines the potential of carbon cycle modelling for measuring the capacity of ecosystems to provide ecosystem services.

Read The use of carbon cycle modelling for the production of ecosystem accounts (2.3Mb).

Biodiversity profiling

The Bureau, Atlas of Living Australia, and CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences’ collaborative study explores the requirements for developing a national biodiversity monitoring capability.

Read Biodiversity profiling: components of a continental biodiversity information capability (1.5Mb).

Monitoring inland water quality with satellite remote sensing

This CSIRO study examines the potential of remote sensing from satellites for developing Australia’s inland water quality monitoring capability.

Read Evaluating the feasibility of systematic inland water quality monitoring with satellite remote sensing (3.7Mb).