Indigenous Weather Knowledge

Jawoyn calendar


Jawoyn people from the Katherine region in northern Australia recognise five seasons - Jeyowk, Bangkarrang, Malapparr, Jungalk and Guran. The seasons are defined by weather patterns and environmental events, with the onset and duration of each season varying from year to year. Jawoyn country covers about 50,000 square kilometres of the Top End of the Northern Territory.


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Heavy wet season rains fall.


Rains lessen and
the dry season begins.


Cold weather
period of the dry season


Build up to the wet
season. Heat and
humidity increases.


Very hot and humid weather.
Wet season rains begin to fall.

Permission to use the Jawoyn seasonal calendar is given by the Jawoyn Association on behalf of Traditional Owners. The authority is given by Ms Lisa Mumbin, Chairperson, Jawoyn Association Aboriginal Corporation.