Indigenous Weather Knowledge

Yirrganydji Season

Kurraminya – Dry Season

May – November


Photo of golden wattle tree close-up with yellow flowers Photo of Port Douglas coastline with mountains and vegetation in background with clouds in sky Photo of aboriginal elder's hand holding blue Quandong fruit with Quandong tree in background

Minor seasons

About Kurraminya

Kurraminya (also spelt Guraminya) runs from around May to November each year. During the dry season, there are three minor seasonal periods: Jinjim (winter time), Yiwanyji (windy time) and Wumbulji (hot time).

At the start of Kurraminya, it is mostly dry with sunny blue skies, starry nights, calm seas, and cold evenings with dew on the ground. There will be times of pink clouds and red sunset. Towards the middle of Kurraminya, it will begin to warm up and become windy. Sometimes there will be days with light rain, particularly at the changing of each minor season. Towards the end of the Kurraminya, the weather will become hot and humid as the season builds up to the wet season.

Plants and Animals