Indigenous Weather Knowledge

Yirrganydji Season

Kurrabana – Wet Season

November – May


Photo of Illawarra flame tree with mountains and storm clouds in background Photo of saltwater crocodile with jaws open, near water's edge Photo of mangroves in brackish water with sky in background

Minor seasons

About Kurrabana

Kurrabana (also spelt Gurabana) runs from around November to May each year when it's hot and humid and when nights can be very muggy. During this time, there are two minor seasonal periods: Jawarranyji (storm time) and Jimburralji (cyclone time).

Kurrabana has periods of monsoonal rains, which can be torrential at times and lead to flooding. The heavy rain brings cooling relief but just before and straight after the rain, it can be uncomfortable. Kurrabana is when we are on alert for cyclones brewing in the Coral Sea and the skies are often overcast and look heavy with rain.

Plants and Animals