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Swamp wallaby by Luke ShelleySwamp wallaby by Luke Shelley

Apart from any fair dealing for purposes of study, research, criticism and review, as permitted under copyright legislation, no part of these (Indigenous Weather Knowledge) pages may be reproduced, re-used or redistributed for any commercial purpose whatsoever, or distributed to a third party for such purpose, without written permission from:

The Indigenous Weather Knowledge Website Coordinator,
Bureau of Meteorology, GPO Box 1289, Melbourne VIC 3001;
Email:; Telephone: 03 9669 4524.

Copyright for this material variously resides with the participating Indigenous communities, the Bureau of Meteorology, and Monash University's Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies (CAIS) and School of Geography and Environmental Science.

Please note that the Indigenous communities have given specific permission for their information to be included on the Indigenous Weather Knowledge Website.

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