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Wardaman Location Map
Wardaman Calendar
Approximately 180km west of Katherine, showing four seasons
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Yijilg Wulujujun Wujerrijin Ngurruwun Yijilg

The Wardaman country and seasons


Wardaman is used to describe the language, the land and the people traditionally associated with an area of land to the south west of what is now Katherine township in the Northern Territory. Wardaman land includes country from the upper reaches of the Flora River in the north to Scott Creek in the northwest, then south along the major waterways towards the Victoria river in the west and to Romula Knob in the east.

About the Wardaman seasonal calendar

There are four distinct major weather patterns recognised in the Wardaman seasonal cycle. The seasons are primarily defined by weather patterns and also by environmental events such as plant flowering and fruiting and animal behavioural patterns.

It must be emphasised that the onset and duration of the seasons varies significantly from year to year and the calendar months are provided as a guide only.

Bureau of Meteorology Temperature and Rainfall Graphs for this region

Permission to use the Wardaman seasonal calendar is granted by Mr Bill Harney Snr, Chairman, Wardaman Aboriginal Corporation.