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Wardaman Calendar
Approximately 180km west of Katherine, showing four seasons
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Yijilg Wulujujun Wujerrijin Ngurruwun Yijilg

Wulujujun - end of the wet season February to March

This season sees the last of the rains and the end of the wet season.

Fruit available include Magorigori (Ampelocissus acetosa and A. frutescens), Yiwung (Antidesma ghesaembilla), Mlyarlunguj (Antidesma parvifolia), Julamarran (Flueggea virosa), Menyjeng (Terminalia erythrocarpa) and Mordon (Vigna lanceolata, V. vexillata). The yams of Magulu (Dioscorea bulbifera) and Megerrman/Gawkawili (Dioscorea transversa) and Gayalarrin (Typhonium liliifollum) are also available.

The Gayalarrin tuber is washed repeatedly, before being smashed on a stone and cooked on hot ashes. The process is then repeated again before eating. The leaves are only visible in the Wulujujun season but the tuber is available all year round. This plant can be found on black soil country, Bern-gijin.

The ripe fruit of the Yiwung are dark blue to black and are a highly regarded food resource. They are produced at the end of this season. Various birds and fruit bats also eat the fruit. Harlequin bugs are often found on this species.

The fruit of the Magorigori are eaten when black and ripe. They are sweet to taste but leave a sour after taste. When the fruits are ripe, blue tongue lizards, Burarriman and Yarringa, are fat and ready to catch and eat.

Bureau of Meteorology Temperature and Rainfall Graphs for this region

Permission to use the Wardaman seasonal calendar is granted by Mr Bill Harney Snr, Chairman, Wardaman Aboriginal Corporation.