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Approximately 180km west of Katherine, showing four seasons
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Yijilg Wulujujun Wujerrijin Ngurruwun Yijilg

Yijilg - wet season December to February

This is the wet season when rain falls daily, often in large amounts. Often travel is restricted due to flooding and the boggy nature of heavy soils on black soil plains.

Fruits available in this season include Bungen (Ficus platypoda and F. leucotricha), Buda (Vitex glabrata) and Julamarran (Flueggea virosa).

In the past Wolon (Heteropogon contortus) grass was used to make a covering for bush houses which were constructed in Yijilg to provide protection from rain.

Towards the end of Yijilg and into Wulujujun, when the Berndeny (Heteropogon triticeus) or "Bush sugar cane" is succulent and juicy, the stems are chewed and sucked to obtain the sweet liquid inside. The stems are broken into short lengths so that they may be carried easily.

Yidawurru (Citrullus lanatus) or watermelon are often found growing along roadsides during this season and are much sought after for their fruit.

The Bawujin (Brachystelma glabriflorum) or bush potato is best dug up in the Yijilg season when they are fat and juicy after the rains. The small disc shaped tubers or yams are dug up, washed and eaten, they are especially favored by children. The dark flowers, Ngayal, on the stem hang downwards and point to areas where other yams may be found.

Bureau of Meteorology Temperature and Rainfall Graphs for this region

Permission to use the Wardaman seasonal calendar is granted by Mr Bill Harney Snr, Chairman, Wardaman Aboriginal Corporation.