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Gulf of Carpenteria showing five seasons (Wet season cyclone period from Nov to May)
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Wunthurru Lhabayi Rra-mardu Ngardaru Na-yinarramba

Na-yinarramba - pre-wet humid buildup October, November and December


Na-yinarramba is hot humid weather. It is a season of extreme human discomfort as temperatures regularly top 40 degrees Celsius with accompanying high humidity. There is little relief at night time as the temperature rarely falls below 25 degrees Celsius and the high humidity persists. During this period there are often intense rainless electrical storms. Lightning strikes often start bushfires. Along the coast, julayarriyarri or rolling clouds known as 'morning glories' are seen. The cloud indicates that flying foxes and certain bird species are about to commence their seasonal migration.

Harvested plants and animals

Fishing is the focus during Na-yinarramba as it is too hot for other activity. Barramundi is caught in fish traps at creek mouths; sea turtle eggs become available.

Bureau of Meteorology Temperature and Rainfall Graphs for this region

Permission to use the Yanyuwa seasonal calendar is granted by Karrakayn (Annie Isaac), a senior Law person of the Yanyuwa