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Gulf of Carpenteria showing five seasons (Wet season cyclone period from Nov to May)
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Wunthurru Lhabayi Rra-mardu Ngardaru Na-yinarramba

Ngardaru - hot weather time August and September


Early in the season, a-wurrarumu, the north wind blows from the sea, becoming yunduyunduwarra or hot winds as the season progresses. Kurumbirribirri (dust storms) are prevalent. During Ngardara, grasses die back, waterholes often dry out and dust storms are whipped up.

Harvested plants and animals

Cycad and pandanus nuts are harvested then ground, dried and stored to be made later into dampers. Mature water lily corms are harvested.

Bureau of Meteorology Temperature and Rainfall Graphs for this region

Permission to use the Yanyuwa seasonal calendar is granted by Karrakayn (Annie Isaac), a senior Law person of the Yanyuwa