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Yawuru Calendar
Approximately 50km north of Broome, showing six seasons
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Mankala Marul Wirralburu Barrgana Wirlburu Larja Mankala

Larja - hot period and build up to the wet season May

The hot time and build up to the wet season from October to November, when the days are very warm and the humidity is high. The first rains indicate the end of Larja.

Seed pods of the various acacias: soap tree, pindan wattle, etc have split open. The wild pear and cocky apple are bearing fruit but it is not ripe yet. The white gum trees are flowering and attract the honey fly. The honey fly makes honey nests in the Jigily tree and Inland Bloodwood which is collected and eaten.

Wood and bark from the paperbark is collected for shelters in preparation for the wet. Many plants begin to flower including the mistletoe and billygoat plum.

The many turtles are mating and laying their eggs on the beaches; these include the green turtle, loggerhead turtle, flatback turtle and hawksbill turtle. Larja is the time of many stingrays: the shovelnose, cowtail and coachwhip stingrays are all good, nutritious eating.

Bureau of Meteorology Temperature and Rainfall Graphs for this region

Permission to use the Yawuru seasonal calendar is granted by "Yawuru Native Title Holders Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC ICN 7033".