JSHESS Early Online View

From 2016, JSHESS will be publishing early online views of papers following acceptance and prior to their formal allocation to an issue. These papers are published in the format in which they are received and are subject to reformatting and copy-editing before final publication.

Annual climate summary Australia (2016): strong El NiƱo gives way to strong negative IOD. Tobin, S., Reid, P. and Miles, E.

Meteorological drivers of extreme fire behaviour during the Waroona bushfire, Western Australia, January 2016. Peace, M., McCaw, L., Santos, B., Kepert, J., Burrows, N. and Fawcett, R.

Tracking the El Nino-Southern Oscillation in real-time: a staged communication approach to event onset. Gamble,F., Beard,G., Watkins, A., Jones, D., Ganter, C., Webb, V. and Evans, A.


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