Journal Board Terms of Reference

The Journal of Southern Hemisphere Earth Systems Science (JSHESS) replaced the Australian Meteorology and Oceanography Journal (AMOJ) and covers the fields of Meteorology, climate, oceanography, hydrology and the land surface with a focus on the southern hemisphere. The Journal is published by CSIRO publishing.


To oversee the direction and performance of JSHESS


  • Dr. Bertrand Timbal, General Manager, Research Program, Bureau of Meteorology
  • Dr. Angela Maharaj, Assistant Director, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (AMOS Representative)
  • Dr. Andrew Marshall, Principal Research Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology

The Board is supported by the Executive Officer, Dr. Stefan Zieger (Bureau of Meteorology).


The Journal Board is responsible for:

  1. Setting the strategic direction for JSHESS
  2. Appoint, review the performance of and if necessary change the make up of the JSHESS Editorial Board
  3. Monitoring performance of JSHESS, including publication timeliness, impact factor, submission rate and diversity
  4. Review and set policies and procedures as required; and
  5. Explore opportunities and manage risks regarding the long-term future of the Journal.

The Journal Board meets bi-annually, with capacity to meet by exception or out-of-session as required.

In most instances, a CSIRO Publishing representative as well as the Editor-in-Chief (Prof. Steven Siems) and Editors (Drs. Andrea Taschetto and Peter May) are invited to board meetings.

Last updated 13 June 2023