Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal 2006 Papers





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55/1 1 Editor’s note Trewin, B. editorsnote.pdf


55/1 3-18 A climatology of extreme fire weather days in Victoria Long, M. long.pdf


55/1 19-34 Two-dimensional numerical analysis of a thermally generated mesoscale wind system observed in the Mackenzie Basin, New Zealand Zawar-Reza, P. and Sturman, A.P. zawarreza.pdf


55/1 35-46 Meteorological overview and verification of HYSPLIT and AAQFS dust forecasts for the dust storm of 22-24 October 2002 Wain, A.G., Lee, S., Mills, G.A., Hess, G.D., Cope, M.E. and Tindale, N. wain.pdf


55/1 47-58 The Winchelsea Convergence - using radar and mesoscale NWP to diagnose cool change structure Mills, G. and Morgan, E. mills.pdf


55/1 59-70 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (autumn 2005): an exceptionally warm and dry autumn across Australia Bettio, L. bettio.pdf


55/1 71-84 The tropical circulation in the Australian/Asian region - May to October 2005 Shaik, H. and Cleland, S. shaik1.pdf


55/1 85-87 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - October to December 2005 Lee, J. lee1.pdf


55/1 89-91 Bureau of Meteorology - publications issued 2005 Not available Not available

Not available

55/2 93-103 Modelling the King Island bushfire smoke Hess, G.D., Tory, K.J., Lee, S., Wain, A.G. and Cope, M.E. hess.pdf


55/2 105-117 A re-examination of the winds of Adelie Land, Antarctica Parish, T.R. and Walker, R. parish.pdf


55/2 119-130 A model of diffuse broadband solar irradiance for a cloudless sky Grace, W. grace.pdf


55/2 131-148 Validation of GPS-based estimates of integrated water vapour for the Australian region and identification of diurnal variability Glowacki, T.J., Penna, N.T. and Bourke, W.P. glowacki.pdf


55/2 149-160 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (winter 2005): neutral conditions in the tropical Pacific and a wet and warm winter across Australia Wang, X. and Watkins, A.B. wang.pdf


55/2 161-163 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - January to March 2006 Lee, J. lee2.pdf


55/2 165-167 Book reviews - Climate Change - Turning Up The Heat (Barrie Pittock), The Weather Makers (Tim Flannery). Not available bookreviews1.pdf


55/3 169-182 On the distribution of heat waves over the Australian region Tryhorn, L. and Risbey, J. tryhorn.pdf


55/3 183-197 National gridded drought factors and comparison of two soil moisture deficit formulations used in prediction of Forest Fire Danger Index in Australia Finkele, K., Mills, G.A., Beard, G. and Jones, D.A. finkele.pdf


55/3 199-211 Detecting and attributing Australian climate change: a review Nicholls, N. nicholls.pdf


55/3 213-217 The application of AIRS radiances in numerical weather prediction Le Marshall, J., Jung, J., Zapotocny, T., Derber, J., Treadon, R., Lord, S., Goldberg, M. and Wolf, W. lemarshall.pdf


55/3 219-230 The tropical circulation in the Australian/Asian region - November 2005 to April 2006 Shaik, H.A. and Cleland, S.J. shaik2.pdf


55/3 231-244 Seasonal climate summary (spring 2005): a wet and warm season across much of Australia Arblaster, J.M. arblaster.pdf


55/3 245-247 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - April to June 2006 Lee, J. lee3.pdf


55/3 249-251 Book reviews - Encyclopedia of World Climatology (John Oliver (ed.)), Weather Analysis and Forecasting: Applying Satellite Water Vapour Imagery and Potential Vorticity Analysis (Patrick Santurette and Christo Georgiev). Not available bookreviews2.pdf


55/4 253-260 Sea-level rise around the Australian coastline and the changing frequency of extreme events Church, J.A., Hunter, J.R., McInnes, K.L. and White, N.J. church.pdf


55/4 261-274 Objective identification of wind change timing from single station observations. Part 1: methodology and comparison with subjective wind change timings Huang, X. and Mills, G.A. huang1.pdf


55/4 275-288 Objective identification of wind change timing from single station observations. Part 2: towards the concept of a wind change climatology Huang, X. and Mills, G.A. huang2.pdf


55/4 289-299 Aircraft encounters with volcanic clouds over Micronesia, Oceania, 2002-03 Tupper, A., Davey, J., Stewart, P., Stunder, B., Sevranckx, R. and Prata, F. tupper.pdf


55/4 301-312 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (summer 2005-06): a neutral ENSO situation with strong contrasts across Australia Mullen, C. and Beard, G.S. mullen.pdf


55/4 313-323 The South Pacific and southeast Indian Ocean tropical cyclone season 2003-04 McInerney, R., Farlow, J., Henry, E., Lynch, B., Shepherd, I., Smith, T. and Cleland, S.J. mcinerney.pdf


55/4 325-327 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - July to September 2006 Lee, J. lee4.pdf


55/4 329-33 Indexes – volume 55 Not available index_hres.pdf