Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal 2007 Papers





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56/1 1-18 Trends in Australia's climate means and extremes: a global context Alexander, L.V., Hope, P., Collins, D., Trewin, B., Lynch, A. and Nicholls, N. alexander.pdf


56/1 19-34 Fog and low cloud detection over northern parts of the Northern Territory using geostationary satellite data, June to September 2004 Zeschke, B. zeschke.pdf


56/1 35-40 WindSat polarimetric microwave observations improve southern hemisphere numerical weather prediction Le Marshall, J., Bi, L., Jung, J., Zapotocny, T. and Morgan, M. lemarshall.pdf


56/1 41-53 The tropical circulation in the Australian and Asian region - May to October 2006 Shaik, H. and Cleland, S. shaik1.pdf


56/1 55-65 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (autumn 2006): drought returns to Australia Fawcett, R.J.B. fawcett1.pdf


56/1 67-69 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - October to December 2006 Lee, J. lee1.pdf


56/1 71-72 Book reviews - Atmospheric Science: An Introductory Survey (John Wallace and Peter Hobbs), Tropical Meteorology, Vols 1, 2 and 3 (revised edition) (G.C. Asnani) Not available reviews1.pdf


56/1 73-74 Bureau of Meteorology – publications issued 2006 Not available Not available

Not available

56/2 75-80 Bushfire weather climatology of the Haines index in south-western Australia McCaw, L., Marchetti, P., Elliott, G. and Reader, G. mccaw.pdf


56/2 81-91 Parameterization of solar radiation at the surface under cloudless conditions and its validation against observations Sun, Z., Yunyan, L., Xianning, Z., Zhexian, L., Jingang, W. and Jingmiao, L. sun.pdf


56/2 93-103 A bivariate test for detecting inhomogeneities in pan evaporation time-series Kirono, D.G.C. and Jones, R.N. kirono.pdf


56/2 105-110 Temperature variability in a changing climate Power, S. and Nicholls, N. power.pdf


56/2 111-121 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (winter 2006): El Niño develops late but Australian drought already severe Murphy, B.F. murphy.pdf


56/2 123-125 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - January to March 2007 Lee, J. lee2.pdf


56/2 127 Book reviews - Remote Sensing from Air and Space (R.C. Olsen) Not available bookreview.pdf


56/3 131-152 Australian climate change projections derived from simulations performed for the IPCC 4th Assessment Report Suppiah, R., Hennessy, K.J., Whetton, P.H., McInnes, K., Macadam, I., Bathols, J., Ricketts, J. and Page, C.M. suppiah.pdf


56/3 153-166 Global climate modelling within CSIRO: 1981 to 2006 Smith, I. smith.pdf


56/3 167-175 Projected changes in precipitation and the occurrence of severe rainfall deficits in Central Australia caused by global warming Taminiau, C. and Haarsma, R. taminiau.pdf


56/3 177-190 On easterly changes over elevated terrain in Australia's southeast Mills, G.A. mills.pdf


56/3 191-202 The tropical circulation in the Australian/Asian region - November 2006 to April 2007 Shaik, H.A. and Cleland, S.J. shaik2.pdf


56/3 203-214 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (spring 2006): a weak El Niño in the tropical Pacific - warm and dry conditions in eastern and southern Australia Qi, L. qi.pdf


56/3 215-217 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - April to June 2007 Lee, J. lee3.pdf


56/3 219-222 Book reviews - Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics and the Battle Over Global Warming (Chris Mooney) Not available reviews2.pdf


56/4 223-239 Trends in rainfall indices for six Australian regions: 1910-2005 Gallant, A.J.E., Hennessy, K.J. and Risbey, J. gallant.pdf


56/4 241-266 What is the trigger for tropical cyclogenesis? Nolan, D.S. nolan.pdf


56/4 267-283 Examination of a density current with severe winds and extensive dust: South Australia case study, 2 April 2005 Gibson, B. gibson.pdf


56/4 285-289 Which Australian rawinsonde stations most influence wind analyses? Seaman, R.S. seaman.pdf


56/4 291-308 The South Pacific and southeast Indian Ocean tropical cyclone season 2004-05 Butler, J. and Callaghan, J. butler.pdf


56/4 309-319 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (summer 2006-07): the end of the 2006-07 El Niño Fawcett, R.J.B. fawcett2.pdf


56/4 321 Corrigendum - June 2007 issue Kirono, D.G.C. corrigendum.pdf


56/4 323-326 Indexes - volume 56 Not available indexes.pdf


A corrigendum to the Shaik and Cleland paper from the March 2007 issue was published in June. A corrigendum to the Gallant et al. paper from the December 2007 issue was published in the June 2008 issue. On this website corrected versions of the full original papers are shown