Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal 2008 Papers





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57/1 1-11 Southeast Australian thunderstorms: are they increasing in frequency? Davis, S. and Walsh, K.J.E. davis.pdf


57/1 13-35 The changing nature of temperature extremes in Australia and New Zealand Chambers, L.E. and Griffiths, G.M. chambers.pdf


57/1 37-43 The probability distribution of observed minus expected sea-level pressures; a quality control perspective Seaman, R.S. seaman.pdf


57/1 45-51 Impact of MODIS atmospheric motion vectors on a global NWP system Le Marshall, J., Jung, J., Zapotocny, T., Redder, C., Dunn, M., Daniels, J. and Riishojgaard, L.P. lemarshall1.pdf


57/1 53-64 The South Pacific and southeast Indian Ocean tropical cyclone season 2005-06 Courtney, J.B. and Santos, B.J. courtney.pdf


57/1 65-75 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (autumn 2007): La Niña a distinct possibility in 2007 Braganza, K. braganza.pdf


57/1 77-81 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - July to December 2007 Wu, X. wu1.pdf


57/1 83-84 Bureau of Meteorology - publications issued 2007 Not available Not available

Not available

57/2 85-89 An investigation into the origin of aerosol nucleation events observed in the Southern Ocean boundary layer Jimi, S.I., Siems, S.T., McGregor, J.L., Gras, J.L. and Katzfey, J.J. jimi.pdf


57/2 95-108 Comparison of official and operational consensus forecasts of capital city daily extreme temperatures in 2006 Woodcock, F., Elliott, G. and Setek, M. woodcock.pdf


57/2 109-120 A fire danger climatology for Tasmania Fox-Hughes, P. fox-hughes.pdf


57/2 121-141 A review of historical tropical cyclone intensity in north-western Australia and implications for climate change trend analysis Harper, B.A., Stroud, S.A., McCormack, M. and West, S. harper.pdf


57/2 143-154 The tropical circulation in the Australian and Asian region - May to October 2007 Shaik, H.A. and Cleland, S.J. shaik1.pdf


57/2 155-166 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (winter 2007): a developing La Niña and a positive Indian Ocean dipole Bettio, L. bettio_pdf


57/2 167-169 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - January to March 2008 Wu, X. wu2.pdf


57/3 175-193 20 km resolution regional climate model experiments over Australia: experimental design and simulations of current climate Song, R., Gao, X., Zhang, H. and Moise, A. song.pdf


57/3 195-212 Changes in extreme temperatures of Australasian summer simulated by CCAM under global warming, and the roles of winds and land-sea contrasts Watterson, I.G., McGregor, J.L. and Nguyen, K.C. watterson.pdf


57/3 213-233 Verification of a high-resolution mesoscale NWP system Vincent, C.L., Bourke, W., Kepert, J.D., Chattopadhyay, M., Ma, Y., Steinle, P.J. and Tingwell, C.I.W. vincent.pdf


57/3 235-247 An investigation of recent orographic precipitation events in northeast Victoria Landvogt, P.K., Bye, J.A.T. and Lane, T.P. landvogt.pdf


57/3 249-254 Using cloudy AIRS fields of view in numerical weather prediction Le Marshall, J., Jung, J., Goldberg, M., Barnet, C., Wolf, W., Derber, J., Treadon, R. and Lord, S. lemarshall2.pdf


57/3 255-268 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (spring 2007): La Niña finally takes hold Hope, P. and Watkins, A.B. hope.pdf


57/3 269-271 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary – April to June 2008 Wu, X. wu3.pdf


57/3 273-278 Verification of the Bureau of Meteorology's seasonal forecasts: 2003-2005 Fawcett, R.J.B. fawcett.pdf


57/3 279-298 The 2007 Antarctic ozone hole Tully, M.B., Klekociuk, A.R., Deschamps, L.L., Henderson, S.I., Krummel, P.B., Fraser, P.J., Shanklin, J.D., Downey, A.H., Gies, H.P. and Javorniczky, J. tully.pdf


57/4 299-309 Abrupt surface drying and fire weather. Part I: overview and case study of the South Australian fires of 11 January 2005 Mills, G.A. mills1.pdf


57/4 311-328 Abrupt surface drying and fire weather. Part II: a preliminary synoptic climatology in the forested areas of southern Australia Mills, G.A. mills2.pdf


57/4 329-343 An end-to-end severe thunderstorm forecasting system in Australia: overview and training issues Deslandes, R., Richter, H. and Bannister, T. deslandes.pdf


57/4 345-357 Occurrence frequencies and trajectories of mesoscale convective systems over southeast Brazil related to cold frontal and non-frontal incursions Siqueira, J.R. and Marques, V.da S. siqueira.pdf


57/4 359-365 The contribution of locally generated MTSAT-1R atmospheric motion vectors to operational meteorology in the Australian region Le Marshall, J., Seecamp, R., Dunn, M., Velden, C., Wanzong, S., Puri, K., Bowen, R. and Rea, A. lemarshall3.pdf


57/4 367-378 The tropical circulation in the Australian/Asian region - November 2007 to April 2008 Shaik, H.A. and Cleland, S.J. shaik2.pdf


57/4 379-393 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (summer 2007-08): mature La Niña, an active MJO, strongly positive SAM, and highly anomalous sea-ice Wheeler, M.C. wheeler.pdf


57/4 395-397 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - July to September 2008 Wu, X. wu4.pdf


57/4 399-402 Indexes – volume 57 Not available index.pdf


A corrigendum to the Gallant et al. paper from the December 2007 issue was published in the June 2008 issue. Corrigenda were also published in the June 2008 issue to the Seaman and Le Marshall et al. papers from the March 2008 issue. On this website corrected versions of the original papers are shown. (The corrigendum to the Le Marshall et al. paper relates to a printing error - the version originally posted on the web was unaffected).