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62/1 1-9 Documentation and verification of the world extreme wind gust record: 113.3 m/s on Barrow Island, Australia, during passage of tropical cyclone Olivia Courtney, J., Buchan, S., Cerveny, R.S., Bessemoulin, P., Peterson, T.C., Rubiera Torres, J.M., Beven, J., King, J., Trewin, B. and Rancourt, K. courtney.pdf


62/1 11-24 The nature of the recent rainfall decrease in the vicinity of Melbourne, southeastern Australia, and its impact on soil water balance and groundwater recharge Larsen, S.H. and Nicholls, N. larsenupdated.pdf


62/1 25-33 Biomass-burning aerosol over northern Australia Radhi, M., Box, M.A., Box, G.P. and Mitchell, R.M. radhi.pdf


62/1 35-37 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - October to December 2011 Wu, X. wu1.pdf


62/1 39-50 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (autumn 2011): one of the strongest La Niña events on record begins to decline Tobin, S. and Skinner, T.C.L. tobin1.pdf


62/1 51-61 The tropical circulation in the Australian/Asian region - November 2010 to April 2011 Shaik, H. and Lisonbee, J. shaik.pdf


62/2 63-70 The optimal placement of tsunameters in the Tasman Sea Greenslade, D.J.M. greenslade.pdf


62/2 71-82 The surface heat fluxes along the eastern Pacific coast from 10°N to 40°S Garces-Vargas, J. and Abarca-del-Rio, R. garcesvargas.pdf


62/2 83-92 Defining a high-quality daily rainfall candidate network for Western Australia Marinelli, M., Braganza, K., Collins, D., Jones, D., Maguire, S. and Cook, G. marinelli.pdf


62/2 93-96 Is Australia's continued warming caused by drought? Nicholls, N. nicholls.pdf


62/2 97-110 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (winter 2011): a dry season in the lull between La Niña events Tobin, S. tobin2.pdf


62/2 111-113 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - January to March 2012 Wu, X. wu2.pdf


62/3 117-126 Pyrocumulonimbus pair in Wollemi and Blue Mountains National Parks, 22 November 2006 Fromm, M.D., McRae, R.H.D., Sharples, J.J. and Kablick, G.P. fromm.pdf


62/3 127-141 Meteorological dynamics in a fire environment; a case study of the Layman prescribed burn in Western Australia Peace, M., McCaw, L. and Mills, G.A. peace.pdf


62/3 143-156 Mesoscale modelling of two 'drying events': governing processes and implications for fire danger Badlan, R.L., Lane, T.P., Mills, G.A. and Caine, S. badlan.pdf


62/3 157-169 Extreme drying events in the Australian high-country and their implications for bushfire risk management Sharples, J.J., Mills, G.A. and McRae, R.H.D. sharples.pdf


62/3 171-178 Quantitative bushfire risk assessment framework for severe and extreme fires Jones, T., Woolf, M., Cechet, B. and French, I. jones.pdf


62/3 179-192 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (spring 2011): La Niña returns Cottrill, D.A. cottrill.pdf


62/4 iii Editor's note Not available editor.pdf


62/4 195-210 The Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator, ACCESS: scientific justification and options for system development Puri, K. puri.pdf


62/4 211-225 Climate projections for Australia: a first glance at CMIP5 Irving, D.B., Whetton, P. and Moise, A.F. irving.pdf


62/4 227-245 Temperature variations of southeastern Australia, 1860-2011 Ashcroft, L., Karoly, D. and Gergis, J. ashcroft.pdf


62/4 247-261 Climate variations and change evident in high-quality climate data for Australia's Antarctic and remote island weather stations Jovanovic, B., Braganza, K., Collins, D. and Jones, D. jovanovic.pdf


62/4 263-276 Spatial evaluations of ACCESS marine surface winds using scatterometer data Durrant, T.H. and Greenslade, D.J.M. durrant.pdf


62/4 277-286 Observational constraints on parameter estimates for a simple climate model Bodman, R.W., Karoly, D.J., Wijffels, S. and Enting, I.G. bodman.pdf


62/4 287-304 Modelling low-level boundary layer structure in complex terrain: verification of TAPM meteorological predictions in the Canberra region Taylor, J.R., Hirsch, A.L. and Burns, B.A. taylor.pdf


62/4 305-321 Case studies of orographic precipitation in the Brindabella Ranges: model evaluation and prospects for cloud seeding Chubb, T.H., Morrison, A.E., Caine, S., Siems, S.T. and Manton, M.J. chubb.pdf


62/4 323-334 The application of radio occultation observations for climate monitoring and numerical weather prediction in the Australian region Le Marshall, J., Xiao, Y., Norman, R., Zhang, K., Rea, A., Cucurull, L., Seecamp, R., Steinle, P., Puri, K., Fu, E. and Le, T. lemarshall.pdf


62/4 335-349 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (summer 2011-12): a mature La Niña, strongly positive SAM and active MJO Webb, M.A. webb.pdf


62/4 351-354 Quarterly Numerical Weather Prediction Model Performance Summary - April to September 2012 Wu, X. wu3.pdf


62/4 355-359 Indexes - volume 62 Not available index.pdf


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An addendum to the Larsen and Nicholls paper in the March 2012 issue was published in the June 2012 issue. On the website the addendum has been appended to the original paper. A corrigendum to the Tobin paper in the June 2012 issue was published in the September 2012 issue. On the website the original paper has been corrected.