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63/1 1-13 Australia's CMIP5 submission using the CSIRO-Mk3.6 model Jeffrey, S., Rotstayn, L., Collier, M., Dravitzki, S., Hamalainen, C., Moeseneder, C., Wong, K. and Skytus, J. jeffrey.pdf


63/1 15-26 Simulated and projected summer rainfall in tropical Australia: links to atmospheric circulation using the CSIRO-Mk3.6 climate model Suppiah, R., Collier, M., Jeffrey, S., Rotstayn, L., Syktus, J. and Wong, K. suppiah.pdf


63/1 27-39 Ocean circulation response to anthropogenic aerosol and greenhouse gas forcing in the CSIRO-Mk3.6 climate model Collier, M., Rotstayn, L., Kim, K-Y., Hirst, A. and Jeffrey, S. collier.pdf


63/1 41-64 The ACCESS coupled model: description, control climate and evaluation Bi, D., Dix, M., Marsland, S., O'Farrell, S., Rashid, H., Uotila, P., Hirst, A., Kowalczyk, E., Golebiewski, M., Sullivan, A., Yan, H., Hannah, N., Franklin, C., Sun, Z., Vohralik, P., Watterson, I., Zhou, X., Fiedler, R., Collier, M., Ma, Y., Noonan, J., Stevens, L., Uhe, P., Zhu, H., Griffies, S., Hill, R., Harris, C. and Puri, K. bi1.pdf


63/1 65-82 The land surface model component of ACCESS: description and impact on the simulated surface climatology Kowalczyk, E., Stevens, L., Law, R., Dix, M., Wang, Y., Harman, I., Haynes, K., Srbinovsky, J., Pak, B. and Ziehn, T. kowalczyk.pdf


63/1 83-99 The ACCESS coupled model: documentation of core CMIP5 simulations and initial results Dix, M., Vohralik, P., Bi, D., Rashid, H., Marsland, S., O'Farrell, S., Uotila, P., Hirst, T., Kowalczyk, E., Sullivan, A., Yan, H., Franklin, C., Sun, Z., Watterson, I., Collier, M., Noonan, J., Rotstayn, L., Stevens, L., Uhe, P. and Puri, K. dix.pdf


63/1 101-119 Evaluation of ACCESS climate model ocean diagnostics in CMIP5 simulations Marsland, S., Bi, D., Uotila, P., Fiedler, R., Griffies, S., Lorbacher, K., O'Farrell, S., Sullivan, A., Uhe, P., Zhou, X. and Hirst, A. marsland.pdf


63/1 121-143 The sea-ice performance of the Australian climate models participating in the CMIP5 Uotila, P., O'Farrell, S., Marsland, S. and Bi, D. uotila.pdf


63/1 145-160 Atmospheric circulation features in the ACCESS model simulations for CMIP5: historical simulation and future projections Rashid, H., Hirst, A. and Dix, M. rashid1.pdf


63/1 161-180 Evaluation of El Niño-Southern Oscillation in the ACCESS coupled model simulations for CMIP5 Rashid, H., Sullivan, A., Hirst, A., Bi, D., Zhou, X. and Marsland, S. rashid2.pdf


63/1 181-190 A skill score based evaluation of simulated Australian climate Watterson, I., Hirst, A. and Rotstayn, L. watterson.pdf


63/1 191-203 A global evaluation of fronts and precipitation in the ACCESS model Catto, J., Jakob, C. and Nicholls, N. catto.pdf


63/1 205-212 The relative performance of Australian CMIP5 models based on rainfall and ENSO metrics Smith, I., Syktus, J., Rotstayn, L. and Jeffrey, S. smith.pdf


63/1 213-232 ACCESS-OM: the ocean and sea-ice core of the ACCESS coupled model Bi, D., Marsland, S., Uotila, P., O'Farrell, S., Fiedler, R., Sullivan, A., Griffies, S., Zhou, X. and Hirst, A. bi2.pdf


63/1 233-247 Modifications to atmospheric physical parameterisations aimed at improving SST simulations in the ACCESS coupled model Sun, Z., Franklin, C., Zhou, X., Ma, Y., Okely, P., Bi, D., Dix, M., Hirst, A., Shonk, J. and Puri, K. sun.pdf


63/1 249-259 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (autumn 2012): the transition from La Niña to neutral Martin, L. martin.pdf


63/1 261-263 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - October to December 2012 Wu, X. wu1.pdf


63/2 265-284 Implementation of the initial ACCESS numerical weather prediction system Puri, K., Dietachmayer, G., Steinle, P., Dix, M., Rikus, L., Logan, L., Naughton, M., Tingwell, C., Xiao, Y., Barras, V., Bermous, I., Bowen, R., Deschamps, L., Franklin, C., Fraser, J., Glowacki, T., Harris, B., Lee, J., Le, T., Roff, G., Sulaiman, A., Sims, H., Sun, X., Sun, Z., Zhu, H., Chattopadhyay, M. and Engel, C. puri.pdf


63/2 285-302 An updated analysis of homogeneous temperature data at Pacific Island stations Jones, D.A., Collins, D.A., McGree, S., Trewin, B., Skilling, E., Diamond, H., Fa'anunu, O., Hiriasia, D., Hugony, S., Hutchinson, R., Inape, K., Jacklick, L., Malsale, P., Moniz, T., Ngemaes, M., Porteous, A., Seuseu, S., Tahani, L., Teimitsi, F., Toorua, U., Vaiimene, M., Vuniyayawa, V. and Vavae, H. jones.pdf


63/2 303-313 Towards the development of long-term winter records for the Snowy Mountains Davis, C.J. davis.pdf


63/2 315-324 An evaluation of the precipitation forecasts of the Poor Man's Ensemble for wintertime rainfall across the southern portion of Australia Johnson, C.D., Siems, S.T., Manton, M.J. and Ebert, E.E. johnson.pdf


63/2 325-338 Rainfall distribution of five landfalling tropical cyclones in the northwestern Australian region Li, Y., Cheung, K.K.W., Chan, J.C.L. and Tokuno, M. li.pdf


63/2 339-349 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (winter 2012): dry conditions return to Australia Pepler, A. pepler.pdf


63/2 351-353 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - January to March 2013 Wu, X. wu2.pdf


63/3 355-364 Understanding rainfall projections in relation to extratropical cyclones in eastern Australia Dowdy, A.J., Mills, G.A., Timbal, B., Griffiths, M. and Wang, Y. dowdy.pdf


63/3 365-376 Global simulations of the impact on contemporary climate of a perturbation to the sea-to-air flux of dimethylsulfide Gabric, A.J., Qu, B., Rotstayn, L. and Shephard, J.M. gabric.pdf


63/3 377-389 Trapped mountain waves during a light aircraft accident Parker, T.J. and Lane, T.P. parker.pdf


63/3 391-402 Assessment of the MODIS and AMSR-E-Derived SST Products in joining area of Asia and Indian-Pacific Ocean Zhu, Y., Bo, Y., Cheng, J. and Zhang, J. zhu.pdf


63/3 403-411 The estimated predictability of seasonal mean Australian surface temperature Grainger, S., Frederiksen, C.S. and Zheng, X. grainger.pdf


63/3 413-420 Boundary-layer observations in the Pilbara coastal region Physick, W.L., Mountford, P.S. and Rayner, K.N. physick.pdf


63/3 421-426 Comparing the version 7 TRMM 3B43 monthly precipitation product with the TRMM 3B43 version 6/6A and Bureau of Meteorology datasets for Australia Fleming, K. and Awange, J.L. fleming.pdf


63/3 427-442 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (spring 2012): warmer and drier across much of Australia, along with a new southern hemisphere sea ice extend record Reid, P.A., Tully, M.B., Klekociuk, A.R., Krummel, P.B. and Rhodes, S.K. reid.pdf


63/3 443-456 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (summer 2012-13): Australia's hottest summer on record and extreme east coast rainfall White, C.J. and Fox-Hughes, P. white.pdf


63/3 457-459 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - April to June 2013 Wu, X. wu3.pdf


63/4 461-472 A new, objective, database of East Coast Lows Pepler, A. and Coutts-Smith, A. pepler2.pdf


63/4 473-486 A stochastic model for runs of extreme days for a daily meteorological variable Grace, W. grace.pdf


63/4 487-495 Lightning flash density 1995-2010 in Brisbane, Australia Mackerras, D. mackerras.pdf


63/4 497-500 The considerable impact of earth observations from space on numerical weather prediction Le Marshall, J., Lee, J., Jung, J., Gregory, P. and Roux, B. lemarshall.pdf


63/4 501-513 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (autumn 2013): significant heat across Australia Evans, A. evans.pdf


63/4 515-517 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - July to September 2013 Wu, X. wu4.pdf


63/4 519-530 Indexes - volume 63 Not available index.pdf


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