Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal 2014 Papers





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64/1 1-4 Preface Reeder, M. and Smith, R. preface.pdf


64/1 5-10 Plumes, entrainment and B.R. Morton Baines, P. baines.pdf


64/1 11-25 Tropical cyclogenesis and mid-level vorticity Raymond, D., Gjorgjievska S., Sessions, S., and Fuchs, K. raymond.pdf


64/1 27-35 Secondary circulations in rotating-flow boundary layers Rotunno, R. rotunno.pdf


64/1 37-66 Paradigms for tropical cyclone intensification Montgomery, M. and Smith, R. montgomery.pdf


64/1 67-85 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (winter 2013): Australia's third warmest winter on record. Martin, L. martin.pdf


64/1 S1-S8 A variable sea surface temperature threshold for tropical convection. Evans, J. and Webster, C. evans.pdf


64/1 S9-S43 A review of research on the dry season mesoscale meteorology of northern Australia Smith, R.K. and Reeder, M.J. smith.pdf


64/2 87-102 Assessment of forced responses of the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS) 1.3 in CMIP5 historical detection and attribution experiments. Lewis, S. and Karoly, D. lewis.pdf


64/2 103-108 Climatology of lightning activity in Australia: spatial and seasonal variability Dowdy, A. and Kuleshov, Y. dowdy.pdf


64/2 109-122 Downscaling regional climate data to calculate the radiative index of dryness in complex terrain Nyman, P., Sherwin, C., Langhans, C., Lane, P. and Sherdian, G. nyman.pdf


64/2 123-132 Vacillation Cycles in WRF Simulations of Hurricane Katrina Reif, M., Reeder, M. and Hankinson, M. reif.pdf


64/2 133-148 Downscaling a Reanalysis of Extremely Cold Weather in Southern New Zealand Wilson, J. wilson.pdf


64/2 149-160 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (spring 2013): Warmest Australian spring on record Tihema, T. tihema.pdf


64/2 161-165 Quarterly Numerical Weather Prediction Model Performance Summary-October 2013 to March 2014 Wu, X. wu.pdf


64/3 167-182 Investigating the Australian Bureau of Meteorology GMS satellite archive for use in tropical cyclone reanalyses Broomhall, M., Berzins, B., Grant, I., Majewski, L., Willmott, M., Burton, A., Paterson, L., Santos, B., Jones, D. and Kuleshov, Y. broomhall.pdf


64/3 183-213 Major coastal flooding in southeastern Australia, associated deaths and weather systems Callaghan, J. and Power, S.B. callaghan.pdf


64/3 Supplementary appendix - details on severe weather systems over southeast Australia, 1799-2013 Callaghan, J. and Power, S.B. callaghan_supp.pdf


64/3 215-230 Quantitative estimates of anthropogenic contributions to extreme national and State monthly, seasonal and annual average temperatures for Australia Lewis, S.C., Karoly, D.J. and Yu, M. lewis2.pdf


64/3 231-238 The turning winds with height thermal advection rainfall diagnostic: why does it work in the tropics? Tory, K. tory.pdf


64/3 239-241 Quarterly Numerical Weather Prediction Model Performance Summary - April to June 2014 Wu, X. wu2.pdf


64/4 243-260 Gridded return values of McArthur Forest Fire Danger Index across New South Wales Louis, S. louis.pdf


64/4 261-271 An investigation of some unexpected frost day increases in southern Australia Dittus, A.J., Karoly, D.J., Lewis, S.C. and Alexander, L.V. dittus.pdf


64/4 273-281 An assessment of rainfall seasonal forecasting skill from the statistical model SCOPIC using four predictors Cottrill, A. and Kuleshov, Y. cottrill.pdf


64/4 283-288 Improving tropospheric and stratospheric moisture analysis with hyperspectral infrared radiances Le Marshall, J., Jung, J.A., Lee, J., Barnet, C. and Maddy, E.S. lemarshall.pdf


64/4 289-291 Growing season air temperature lapse rate in the Snowy Mountains Green, K. green.pdf


64/4 293-311 The Antarctic ozone hole during 2011 Klekociuk, A.R., Tully, M.B., Krummel, P.B., Gies, H.P., Petelina, S.V., Alexander, S.P., Deschamps, L.L., Fraser, P.J., Henderson, S.I., Javorniczky, J., Shanklin, J.D., Siddaway, J.M. and Stone, K.A. klekociuk.pdf


64/4 313-330 The Antarctic ozone hole during 2012 Klekociuk, A.R., Tully, M.B., Krummel, P.B., Gies, H.P., Alexander, S.P., Fraser, P.J., Henderson, S.I., Javorniczky, J., Petelina, S.V., Shanklin, J.D., Schofield, R. and Stone, K.A. klekociuk2.pdf


64/4 331-344 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (summer 2013-14): warmer than average summer; neutral ENSO conditions Tihema, T. tihema2.pdf


64/4 345-356 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (autumn 2014): tropical Pacific experiences strong push towards El Nio Ganter, C. ganter.pdf


64/4 357-359 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - July to September 2014 Wu, X. wu3.pdf


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A number of minor proof corrections were inadvertantly omitted from the Wilson paper published in the June 2014 issue. The paper has now been corrected and updated versions uploaded.