Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Journal 2015 Papers





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65/1 1 Editorial Smith, I. editorial1.pdf


65/1 2-3 Editorial Whetton, P. editorial2.pdf


65/1 4-18 Evaluation of simulated recent climate change in Australia Bhend, J. and Whetton, P. bhend.pdf


65/1 19-53 Evaluation of CMIP3 and CMIP5 models over the Australian region to inform confidence in projections Moise, A., Wilson, L., Grose, M., Whetton, P., Watterson, I., Bhend, J., Bathols, J., Hanson, L., Erwin, T., Bedin, T., Heady, C. and Rafter, T. moise.pdf


65/1 54-71 Seasonal and regional signature of the projected southern Australian rainfall reduction Hope, P., Grose, M.R., Timbal, B., Dowdy, A.J., Bhend, J., Katzfey, J.J., Bedin, T., Wilson, L. and Whetton, P.H. hope1.pdf


65/1 72-89 Comparison of various climate change projections of eastern Australian rainfall Grose, M.R., Bhend, J., Argueso, D., Ekstrom, M., Dowdy, A.J., Hoffmann, P., Evans, J.P. and Timbal, B. grose1.pdf


65/1 90-106 The subtropical ridge in CMIP5 models, and implications for projections of rainfall in southeast Australia Grose, M., Timbal, B., Wilson, L., Bathols, J. and Kent, D. grose2.pdf


65/1 107-126 Rainfall in Australia's eastern seaboard: a review of confidence in projections based on observations and physical processes Dowdy, A.J., Grose, M.R., Timbal, B., Moise, A., Ekstrom, M., Bhend, J. and Wilson, L. dowdy.pdf


65/1 127-149 Information for Australian impact and adaptation planning in response to sea-level rise McInnes, K.L., Church, J., Monselesan, D., Hunter, J.R., O'Grady, J.G., Haigh, I.D. and Zhang, X. mcinnes.pdf


65/1 150-171 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (winter 2014): warm and dry in the southwest Pollock, J. pollock.pdf


65/1 172-175 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - October to December 2014 Wu, X. wu1.pdf


65/1 S1-S28 Marine projections of warming and ocean acidification in the Australasian region Lenton, A., McInnes, K.L. and O'Grady, J.G. lenton.pdf


65/2 176-194 Why are temperature forecasts from the Australian digital forecast database poorer on summer afternoons? Bridge, C. bridge.pdf


65/2 195-205 The influence of climate drivers on the Australian snow season Pepler, A.S., Trewin, B. and Ganter, C. pepler.pdf


65/2 206-232 A statistical model of the seasonal-diurnal wind climate at Adelaide Cook, N.J. cook1.pdf


65/2 233-246 Using the stretched exponential distribution to model runs of extremes in a daily meteorological variable Grace, W. grace.pdf


65/2 247-266 The Antarctic ozone hole during 2013 Klekociuk, A.R., Krummel, P.B., Tully, M.B., Gies, H.P., Alexander, S.P., Fraser, P.J., Henderson, S.I., Javorniczky, J., Shanklin, J.D., Schofield, R. and Stone, K.A. klekociuk.pdf


65/2 267-292 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (spring 2014): El Nino continues to try to break through, and Australia has its warmest spring on record (again!) Hope, P., Reid, P., Tobin, S., Tully, M., Klekociuk, A. and Krummel, P. hope2.pdf


65/2 293-296 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - January to March 2015 Wu, X. wu2.pdf


65/2 297-300 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - April to June 2015 Wu, X. wu3.pdf


65/3-4 301 Editorial note Trewin, B. editorial.pdf


65/3-4 302-317 WRF and SFIRE simulations of the Layman fuel reduction burn Peace, M., McCaw, L.W., Kepert, J.D., Mills, G.A. and Mattner, T. peace.pdf


65/3-4 318-341 Tropical low formation during the Australian monsoon: the events of January 2013 (paper updated July 2016) Smith, R.K., Montgomery, M.T., Kilroy, G., Tang, S. and Muller, S.K. smith.pdf


65/3-4 342-355 Influential synoptic weather types for a future renewable energy dependent national electricity market Huva, R., Dargaville, R. and Rayner, P. huva.pdf


65/3-4 356-375 Seasonal forecasting for Australia using a dynamical model: improvements in forecast skill over the operational statistical model Charles, A.N., Duell, R.E., Wang, X. and Watkins, A.B. charles.pdf


65/3-4 376-386 Statistical modelling of tropical cyclones' longevity after landfall in Australia Saha, K.K. and Wasimi, S.A. saha.pdf


65/3-4 387-408 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (summer 2014-15): very warm summer with above average rainfall Blockley, Y. blockley.pdf


65/3-4 409-433 Seasonal climate summary southern hemisphere (autumn 2015): El Nino arrives Cook, A. cook2.pdf


65/3-4 434-437 Quarterly numerical weather prediction model performance summary - July to September 2015 Wu, X. wu4.pdf


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